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  • Read the Room - Asking Friends

    When we Read the Room, we look at what's happening, to try to figure out how we should act. We stop, think about the situation, and try to observe what is going on. In this Activity, we'll watch 3 students Read the Room to try and figure out when the best time to talk to friends is.

  • Background Brief I

    When we tell someone a story, we need to give them all the background information to make sure they know what we're talking about. In this Activity, we'll watch 3 different stories and try to figure out what background information is missing. Did we give them the entire background brief?

  • Background Brief

    When we tell a story, we need to give the other person the background brief. We tell them What we did, Who we were with, Where it was, and When it was. That way, our story will make sense to them. In this video, Zach doesn't give Leah the background brief, and she gets confused. When he tries aga...

  • Blurting

    Madison can't help yelling out answers in class. She knows all about earthquakes, and wants to answer every question. When she does that, she disrupts the rest of the class. When she tries again, she holds it in, even though it's hard.

  • Anxiety around New People

    Jack gets anxiety when meeting new people. He wants to hide. When he tries again, he uses positive self talk, and is able to make himself feel better, so he can say hi.

  • There’s More Than Being Right

    Justin knows the rules of the game by heart, and gets very upset when his classmates don't follow the rules exactly. He likes to play a certain way. When he tries again, he realizes that having fun with his friends is the most important thing, and is able to enjoy the game.

  • Conversation Share

    Companion Worksheet (direct download link) -
    When Zach and Leah are talking, Zach keeps interrupting Leah and talking for a long time. Leah gets frustrated because she can't get a word in. When they try again, Zach thinks about the conversation share - how much of the conve...

  • Direct and Indirect Language

    Companion Worksheet (direct download link) -
    When Leah corrects Rachel, she does it very directly, which makes Rachel feel stupid. When she does it again, Leah uses indirect language, and softens her correction. It comes across as less harsh, but still lets Leah know she ma...

  • Respecting Adults

    Companion Worksheet (direct download link) -
    When the teacher wants to talk to Justin about his quiz grade, he is disrespectful back. He mocks her, and doesn't listen to her. When he tries again, he thinks about how he should be respectful to his teachers.

  • What Do They Really Want?

    Companion Worksheet (direct download link) -
    Jack is going to the movies, and Connor keeps asking him questions about it. Connor keeps saying how much he loves that type of movie, and how easy it is for him to get to the movie theater. When he doesn't pick up on the hidden ...

  • Reading the Room

    Companion Worksheet (direct download link) -
    Haley & Connor are studying, when Madison comes over to show them a funny video she saw. She disrupts their studying, making them feel annoyed. Next time she tries, she Reads the Room, and figures out what they are doing. She dec...

  • How to Get Back in Control

    Companion Worksheet (direct download link) -
    In this video, we go over different strategies that can help us get back in control. We can take deep breaths, try to take a walk or get a drink of water, or ask our teachers for help. If we take some time to think about how we'...

  • Worries I Can Control

    Companion Worksheet (direct download link) -
    When field day is cancelled because of the rain, Madison gets very upset. But, she can't control the weather. Nothing will change. In another situation, Madison is trying to finish her work, when a classmate interrupts her. This ...

  • Think it Or Say it II

    Companion Worksheet (direct download link) -
    When Haley tells Madison about a concert she's going to, Madison tells Haley she would never go to that concert, and she doesn't like that singer. Haley was clearly excited about going, so Madison should have taken a second to th...

  • Asking in an Indirect Way

    Companion Worksheet (direct download link) -
    When Zach needs help with his math work, he tells Justin to help him after school. Justin doesn't like that Zach just told him what to do - Justin is the one doing him a favor. When he tries again, Zach, uses indirect language - ...

  • Two Sides - Direct & Indirect Language

    Companion Worksheet (direct download link) -
    In this game, players have to determine which category a scene belongs in. Does the main character uses direct language or indirect language? Are they saying exactly what they mean, or talking around it.

  • Fork in the Road - Think it or Say It

    Companion Worksheet (direct download link) -
    In Fork in the Road, the viewer is put in the position of deciding how a social interaction will go. Each character comes to a Social Fork, and can move the situation in one direction or the other. In this video, we focus on whet...