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  • Feeling Jealous 2

    3m 48s

    Companion Worksheet (direct download link) -
    When Tim's painting didn't make the art show, he yells at his friends because he's mad that their paintings made it. Tim is feeling jealous. When he tries again, he realizes that he shouldn't take it out on them, and that everyon...

  • Say How You're Feeling

    3m 29s

    Companion Worksheet (direct download link) -
    Alessandra keeps calling Mike by a nickname he doesn't like. Every time she says it, he gets upset. But, Mike isn't telling Alessandra how he feels. Alessandra doesn't know this is making Mike upset. When he tells her, she's happ...

  • Perseverating

    3m 16s

    Companion Worksheet (direct download link) -
    When Devin finds out the class is going to play Monopoly during a class party, it's all he can think about. He keeps asking his classmates questions about Monopoly, even when they start talking about something else. When he tries...

  • Being Rejected by a Peer

    3m 41s

    Companion Worksheet (direct download link) -
    Sometimes in life, we get rejected. There may be times that people don't want to hang out with us. We can use positive self talk to tell ourselves that we are a good person. We can make plans with other friends!

  • Observing Others

    2m 35s

    Companion Worksheet (direct download link) -
    The class is playing a game, and Andrew isn't sure how to play. He starts to get upset, but then realizes he can observe the other students to figure out how to play. He uses his eyes and is able to follow along.

  • Two Sides - Conversation Drivers & Stoppers


    Companion Worksheet (direct download link) -
    In this game, players have to determine which category a scene belongs in. Is the main character using a Conversation Driver, or a Conversation Stopper? A Conversation Driver is something we use to start a conversation, or drive ...

  • Guess What Happens Next - Body Language


    Companion Worksheet (direct download link) -
    In this game, players try to guess what happens next, based on the body language of the characters. Where is their body facing? Where are they looking? What's their facial expression like? These can all be clues that can tell you...

  • Two Sides - Being Flexible & Being Rigid


    Companion Worksheet (direct download link) -
    In this game, players have to determine which category a scene belongs in. Is the main character being flexible, or being rigid? Being flexible means we can adapt to changes in our schedule, and being rigid means changes upset us...

  • Intro to Positive Self Talk

    2m 18s

    Companion Worksheet (direct download link) -
    Tim learns about the concept of positive self talk - saying phrases to yourself that make you feel better. When he's down, he can think about things he's good at, or the good things in his life.

  • Dealing with Teasing

    3m 24s

    Companion Worksheet (direct download link) -
    Tim starts teasing Mike for talking to Alessandra. Mike feels really upset with Tim's actions. When he tries again, he uses some strategies - he uses positive self talk, he expresses his feelings to Tim, and he walks away from th...

  • Being Left Out

    3m 11s

    Companion Worksheet (direct download link) -
    Tim is left out when the group decides to go play cards. It wasn't nice of the group, and doesn't feel very good for Tim. He uses some positive self talk to make himself feel better, and thinks of another friend he can hang out w...

  • Having Positive Self Esteem

    3m 47s

    Companion Worksheet (direct download link) -
    Self Esteem is how we feel about ourselves. When Mike is upset because he made a mistake during his class presentation, he has negative self esteem - he feels down on himself, and doesn't want to hang out with anyone. Next time, ...

  • It's Okay to be Wrong

    3m 53s

    Companion Worksheet (direct download link) -
    When Alessandra gets a question wrong in class, she feels very down on herself, like she can't do anything right. She's upset and feels like everyone in the class is thinking about her. When she tries again, she realizes that eve...

  • Participating

    2m 38s

    Companion Worksheet (direct download link) -
    Ms. Lehane tells Christine to join in the 4 square game because they need another player. When Christine joins, she just stands there. The other players can't play if she won't participate! Christine learns that when she's part o...

  • Why it's Fun to Play with Others

    4m 50s

    Companion Worksheet (direct download link) -
    In this video, Andrew learns the **GOLDEN RULES** to playing with friends. He learns why he should play with friends, then how to do it. He asks to play, figures out what to do, uses his eyes to observe, and is flexible when thin...

  • Playground Conflict Resolution

    2m 58s

    Companion Worksheet (direct download link) -
    Chris and Andrew want to play basketball, but Julie and Christine are in the way of the hoop. That's their favorite spot to sit, but Chris and Andrew can't play if they are there. Andrew thinks Christine and Julie can sit anywher...

  • Joining a Group on the Playground

    2m 56s

    Companion Worksheet (direct download link) -
    Julie wants to play tag with the rest of the group, but when she jumps in and joins their game without asking, her friends get upset. They want her to play, but she needs to wait her turn, and figure out when it's a good time to ...

  • Being Fair
    2m 40s

    Being Fair

    2m 40s

    Companion Worksheet (direct download link) -
    When Julie takes the swing when Andrew's been waiting for it for a long time, Andrew gets upset. What Julie did wasn't fair. When she tries again, she thinks about how she would feel if someone did that to her. She lets Andrew us...

  • Emotions Bingo!


    Companion Worksheet (direct download link) -
    In Emotions Bingo, we look at 10 different situations and try to figure out how everyone feels. If you get 4 emotions in a row, you get bingo! Good luck!

  • Making a Plan

    1m 43s

    Companion Worksheet (direct download link) -
    Sarah and Kate learn the steps to making a plan. You need to figure out what to do, where to do it, and you have to make sure you can get there and get home. Once they figure it out, they have a great hang out planned!

  • Using Social Media

    3m 6s

    Companion Worksheet (direct download link) -
    Liz learns some rules for social media.

    1. Stay safe - don't let anyone follow you that you don't know
    2. You have to use your social skills online just like in person. Before you post, think: "Should I think this, or say it?...

  • Solving a Problem

    2m 34s

    Companion Worksheet (direct download link) -
    Mike has a problem - should he go to his hockey fundraiser, or go to his friend's party? How can he solve the problem? Is it big or small? Mike walks through some steps to solve his problem by himself. He figures out a way to mak...

  • Listening to Others' Ideas

    3m 35s

    Companion Worksheet (direct download link) -
    Jeff, Mike, and Sarah are all discussing the pizza party fundraiser. Jeff has his ideas for how the fundraiser should go, and doesn't want to listen to anyone else's ideas. The group doesn't get along when Jeff insists on having ...

  • Making Connected Comments - Older

    2m 20s

    Companion Worksheet (direct download link) -
    When Mike and Kate are discussing the football game, Mike starts talking about all the yo-yo tricks he can do. Mike learns about connecting comments - making sure what you say has to do with what the other person is saying. Mike ...