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Playground Behavior

When we play on the playground, there's a lot of opportunities for social interaction. Conflicts can arise, but if we are fair and cooperate with others, we can have a great time!

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  • Being Fair
    2m 40s

    Being Fair

    2m 40s

    Companion Worksheet (direct download link) -
    When Julie takes the swing when Andrew's been waiting for it for a long time, Andrew gets upset. What Julie did wasn't fair. When she tries again, she thinks about how she would feel if someone did that to her. She lets Andrew us...

  • Playground Conflict Resolution

    2m 58s

    Companion Worksheet (direct download link) -
    Chris and Andrew want to play basketball, but Julie and Christine are in the way of the hoop. That's their favorite spot to sit, but Chris and Andrew can't play if they are there. Andrew thinks Christine and Julie can sit anywher...

  • Why it's Fun to Play with Others

    4m 50s

    Companion Worksheet (direct download link) -
    In this video, Andrew learns the **GOLDEN RULES** to playing with friends. He learns why he should play with friends, then how to do it. He asks to play, figures out what to do, uses his eyes to observe, and is flexible when thin...

  • Participating

    2m 38s

    Companion Worksheet (direct download link) -
    Ms. Lehane tells Christine to join in the 4 square game because they need another player. When Christine joins, she just stands there. The other players can't play if she won't participate! Christine learns that when she's part o...

  • Joining a Group on the Playground

    2m 56s

    Companion Worksheet (direct download link) -
    Julie wants to play tag with the rest of the group, but when she jumps in and joins their game without asking, her friends get upset. They want her to play, but she needs to wait her turn, and figure out when it's a good time to ...