Keeping Self Control and Handling Stress Keeping Self Control and Handling Stress Blurred

Keeping Self Control and Handling Stress

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  • Worry About Yourself - Older

    2m 34s

    Companion Worksheet (direct download link) -
    Mike sees Jeff in the hallway and thinks he's skipping school. Mike gets very upset and loses control because he thinks Jeff is breaking the rules. Mike learns that he shouldn't worry about what other people are doing. If there's...

  • Not Asking for Help

    2m 11s

    Companion Worksheet (direct download link) -
    When Mike can't figure out his math problems, he gets upset and stops participating in the class. Mike learns to stop and think about his problem - how can he solve it? He learns that it's OK to ask the teacher for help.

  • Accepting Criticism

    2m 36s

    Companion Worksheet (direct download link) -
    Sarah is talking with the teacher about her paper. When the teacher has a suggestion for Sarah, she gets very upset and storms off. Sarah learns that her teacher was just trying to help make her paper better. When she tries again...

  • Getting A Bad Grade - Older

    2m 29s

    Companion Worksheet (direct download link) -
    Sarah gets a bad grade on a test and has a big reaction, disrupting the rest of the class. Sarah learns that when that happens, she has to be mature and control her reaction. She's still upset about her grade, but she makes plans...

  • Solving a Problem

    2m 34s

    Companion Worksheet (direct download link) -
    Mike has a problem - should he go to his hockey fundraiser, or go to his friend's party? How can he solve the problem? Is it big or small? Mike walks through some steps to solve his problem by himself. He figures out a way to mak...

  • Getting a Bad Grade

    2m 52s

    Companion Worksheet (direct download link) -
    When Liz gets a bad grade on her test, she gets so upset she can't participate in class anymore. The next time, she tries to think about the situation and observe how everyone else is acting. Are they acting upset? Liz talks to t...

  • Change in Your Schedule - Younger

    2m 17s

    Companion Worksheet (direct download link) -
    Gym class is always on Monday, but this week it was moved for an assembly. Serena gets very upset because she ALWAYS goes to gym on Monday. When Serena tries again, she realizes that she is feeling upset and thinks about the situ...

  • Dealing With Stress

    2m 25s

    Companion Worksheet (direct download link) -
    Bobby has too much work to do and yells at the teacher because he's feeling stressed. He disrupted the rest of the class with his actions. Bobby learns he can ask for help, or use a strategy to calm down. He takes a walk and feel...

  • Accepting No for an Answer

    2m 38s

    Companion Worksheet (direct download link) -
    The group is playing a board game. They need Alessandra to play so they have 4 players. When Alessandra says she's busy and doesn't want to play, Chris gets upset and keeps asking her to play, even though she's already said no. W...

  • Handling Group Pressure

    2m 22s

    Companion Worksheet (direct download link) -
    Bobby gets dared to eat all the cookies on a plate. He doesn't want to, but he wants his friends to like him, so he does it anyway. He feels sick after and regrets his choice. Bobby realizes he is his own person, and his real fri...

  • Staying Calm to Solve a Problem

    2m 45s

    Companion Worksheet (direct download link) -
    Chris wants to play frisbee. When he gets back from getting the frisbee, the group decides they want to play tag instead. Chris yells at his friends and says they HAVE to play frisbee. Now his friends don't want to play anything ...

  • Taking a Break to Calm Down

    2m 40s

    Companion Worksheet (direct download link) -
    Bobby is struggling with a worksheet. He gets angrier and angrier until he explodes and rips his paper. His actions disrupted the rest of the class. When Bobby tries again, he realizes he is starting to get upset and uses his str...

  • Handling Embarrassment

    2m 48s

    Companion Worksheet (direct download link) -
    When Christine makes a mistake reading in front of the class, she feels sad and angry at the same time. She learns that this is feeling embarrassed - but not to worry because everyone makes mistakes. When she tries again, she's a...

  • When Others Break the Rules

    2m 9s

    Companion Worksheet (direct download link) -
    Nick gets very angry when his friends don’t follow the rules in a game the way he wants to. He yells at his friends which makes them feel annoyed. Nick needs to learn that sometimes people break the rules and it’s okay.

  • Disagreeing Respectfully

    1m 56s

    Companion Worksheet (direct download link) -
    Jameson and Ryan are talking about their favorite video games. Jameson has a different favorite than Ryan, and makes Ryan feel bad when he doesn’t agree with him. Jameson needs to learn that even if he disagrees with someone, he ...

  • Losing Self Control

    2m 42s

    Companion Worksheet (direct download link) -
    When Jameson has to redo his assignment, he loses control and throws his notebook. Jameson can’t act that way in school. He needs to use a strategy like taking a deep breath to control his actions.

  • Change In Your Schedule - Older

    2m 8s

    Companion Worksheet (direct download link) -
    Ryan is planning on finishing his art project in class today. When there’s an assembly that he has to go to, Ryan gets upset and is worried that he won’t be able to finish his project. He yells that he doesn’t want to go to the a...